Mountain Escape Yangshuo
Mountain Escape Yangshuo
Your peaceful retreat in rural China!


Yangshuo is a popular destination for travellers from both domestically and internationally in South China. It’s well-known for its karst peaks and landscape rivers and villages with typical countryside scenery. After your visit to Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, Yangshuo is a perfect place for relaxation.

There are many things to do in Yangshuo. You can spend 3 days, or you can spend up to one week. Popular activities include cycling, bamboo rafting, walking, kayaking, rock climbing, cooking class, tai chi class and even more. Alternatively, you can have a drink, or read a book and relax at a peaceful retreat. Air quality here is much better than it in north China and other major cities.

Yangshuo is also a micro United Nations, where you could meet people from all over the world. Since its listing on Lonely Planet in 1980s, it’s on the bucket list for international travellers. Food from different countries are served at restaurants, as well as bars and cafes. English menu is ready and staff can speak English which is a plus compared with other destinations in China. It’s the most family-friendly destination in China.

If you’re interested in minority cultures, your holiday can be extended easily to Longji Rice Terraces and Chengyan Wind & Rain Bridge at Sanjiang, even further up to Kaili at southeast of Guizhou. In this case, you will spend up to 10 days in Yangshuo and its surrounding areas.

You will regret if you spend 2 weeks in China and miss Yangshuo!